Topic 2 DQ 2

Various methods can be used to approach education to different patients and it can start by being tailor made to each individual patient. Some students prefer the instructor use a delegator, or group style of teaching which includes feedback, debate and creative writing (unknown, 2008). Some patients may prefer that style but find it overwhelming, while others may find it discouraging and non- helpful.
Knowing the audience style is imperative before beginning the first phase of teaching, if the patient has knowledge of his/her disease process, the nurse can find out first what the patient knows or understands about the disease, have the patient demonstrate return demonstration. Several different principals can be used to teach patients. Effective teaching involves acquiring relevant knowledge about students and using that knowledge to inform our course design and classroom teaching. I think by stating in the simplest form nurses can educate their patients. Nurses can place aside biases, judgments to render care to their patients.
An example I can think of is when I give car to a patient who comes in frequently with ETOH. The patient appears to have a learning deficit, I repeat the same instructions to the patient, with care and compassion, so now when he comes in he’s still ETOH, but he knows I have compassion for him and am non – judgemental
unknown. (2008). Principles of Teaching. Retrieved from

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